A Mans’ Life

Why is it we fret over stuff?

Or Worry,

Or Be Unsettled.

We made it thru the year.

We always will.

By Gods’ own providence and promise.

We don’t have to worry about that.

That God is with us to see us thru is a constant thing to be known and relied upon.

So, would I do it different?

Why, yes I would.

I would have spent more time with what family I have left.

There are always things you would do different but that is not what this post is all about.

This post is about Doing what you want.

If God is in control, and you Believe that…

Then you are free to do what it is you feel you are called to do, or being called to do in your life as:

Your Job.

Your “calling,”

Something you would enjoy.

Something that is satisfying to you.

Something you would be good at.

Even Profitable…

Why don’t you get in a place where you can:

Reflect, think, and go thru your thoughts.

Decide if you don’t like where your at,

Decide you are going to make a change,


If the year went just alright.

But remember we are a living breathing, ever-changing and evolving creation from Gods’ own hands.

We have our dreams and goals and hopes of creating a better life for us and our family.

We owe it to ourselves in this one time life we have,

To always try to do a good work with our talent and use our mind in such a way,

So this place is a little better from us having passed thru it this year.

If it is not a little better for you and your family, even the little part of this world you live in,

Then it’s time for a change.


You know what you have to do…

All you have to remember is:

God will see you thru it.


Provide you what you need.

I promise.


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