Sunday Blog: Be What You Think

That’s right,

Be what you think.

Think Sad
Be Sad

Think Bad
Then Bad is Coming…

Think: big ole smooth and easy blessing is coming my way, well…
Watch it happen.

It is Already Upon You…
Shrug that one off…Quick…
For Fear Manifests itself. (makes itself happen)

Think slim
Be slim

Think rich
Be rich

It takes Action tho…

Think you’re a Designer?
Then Design…
Be “at it.”
Do it
Just Do It. (great slogan that Nike)

If you just go walk around the hobby or industry, Some Of It Will Rub Off On You.

But, that’s what “motorcycle builders” who get their “experience” from watching and memorizing those popular TV Shows do.

To Be It….

That Takes…Believing you are That.

Then go do something about it.

Be around those people who Do What You Would Like To Do.

That’s it in a nut shell

Go be around those bike builders
Heck, even the fiberglass boat guy,

Anybody that works with his hands that builds from nothing.

Lend them a hand.

You’ll go home Bee ing more than what you was this morning.

So go Be Yourself

Get that Dream going

Guarantee it will be better than sitting in that rocking chair wishing you. “had”


Another Thing…

It’s really important too..

Here it is:

There is nobody to stop you from being what you want to be

Nobody can stop you…but you.

There might be the occasional Nay Sayers and Doubters.

These “friends” have worries, generally that you’re going to begin to do something fun.

Something they are not able to go and do at this time, and maybe Never.


You control these people.

If you’re smart you recognize these people for what they are.

So Today,

Go make a 2 sentence plan on a piece of paper today.

Look at that paper and write whatever it is you want from your heart.

Make it big enough to get you interested in doing it.

Nothing like a “little boring dream”

Go for something big enough that:

Here is the secret…

Big enough “You Can’t Do”

Except prove to yourself


“You Can”

One time thru…
Go wear it out.


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