School is Filled, Nxt. Round: January

The Final and Formal List of Attendees has been put together and their schedule is set.

The steel sheeting has arrived for the fabrication of the gas tanks we will build.

The welding equipment and plasma cutting equipment is mounted on roll around carts.

The guys can test and try out their skills before they spot weld the tanks together.

We will use shrinker and stretcher tools that help curve down “edges”


The most important tools will be “simple” ones….

Hammers, dollies and sand bags…

Maybe the English wheel.

Big metal files to “check quality.”

Maybe some heat from the torch…

There is slways one who overstretches his steel….which is good….for “learning”

But An “undesirable thing.”

I show how to straighten it up by shrinking it back….

Stretching steel… easy.

Shrinking steel is why you came here in the first place.

Lots more to come, and I mean…

A Lot More.

Well, I’m going back in.

Just thought I would type the Thoughts of the Minute.


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