The thing about having a goal and getting it done is…

You need to have a little help.

That can be in the form of a real physical person,


Help that comes by way of getting instruction on how to do whatever it is you have to do to get that goal you have. done.

Well, I just got back from West Palm Beach Florida where I have picked up my friend Tony.

Tony is an Amen bike owner.

He actually has two of them. (1) is a very early model 1999, with a 230 tire and may be one of the handmade rims that I used to catch in the lathe (while still turning) as I cut the wheel center off the rim.

His (2nd) bike is the crazy one-off Extended everywhere Savior 360 with the motor centered left drive (5) bearing jackshaft bike/frame rolling assembly.

Tony is here to make Amen be managed and reinvented to enable me to begin building the wild stuff again.

More crazy design motorcycles from Mike Brown…

The stuff that makes a real difference to people that see them, so they believe that they really could and decided they can…do what they wanted to do on their bikes…

After seeing the crazy designs coming out of here.

So, Announcing tonight, Tony Salmon is the first of a small group of hand-picked members I have decided to pull in to enable Amen Motorcycles and Mike Brown to begin a new chapter of business life.

Just wait.

I Can’t stand the wait.

I’m So ready to get started.

Going to be an exciting time here.

Classes in late January too…

More later,


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