If I Had…

You know, I catch myself saying that a lot. Saying that is akin to doubt, which I really try to avoid thinking even exists.

So if doubt doesn’t exist with me, then why say the “if I had.”

Some I say;
If I had the money
If I had the help
If I had not… Fill in the blank here
If I had just…
If I had known…

That’s a “sampling” of the thoughts a man can have while making his way thru this thing we call life.

I made the decision to catch myself when I say the “If” thing.

Today is today,

And “right now” is what you have to work with.

I want to see progress and forward movement in our lives.

You yourself are the tool, you have all you need…

You have 24 hours to think your way thru anything.

I take it farther as sleep is optional to me when I need to really hammer on a design, a goal, a “thing” that would make me move forward some way.

Remember too, you are in direct tune with the Almighty who can make a change in your life in a New York Minute.

So, here it is;

Be about your business, even if you are only thinking about it, dreaming of a result and developing it with thought…

Be sure to know that even doing that which you think is small and holding you back is as if you are keeping your nose on the grinding stone, so to speak.

And demonstrating a substantial commitment to yourself, that You Are In Control, and not about to let any outside influence stop you.

Control what goes in your mind, from outside sources, too.

Control what you think…Always

You will make progress like maybe never before.



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