A Rousing Good Success, That School Was

Well, I’m sitting in the car, listening to XM, blowing off some time to reflect…

And I can say this: It was The Best School I’ve put on yet.

I believe it was because we stayed, eat, slept everything motorcycles non-stop for a whole week.

Not having to leave, run to a motel…

That’s what did it. Everybody made them a place, their part of the house that they set up for sitting/sleeping and the nonstop time we had together let us really have an effective set of sessions and after hours talks.

The beginning I decided was to be Gas Tank Fabrication, normally a 2 day class…Get the Hard Work done early.


These guys beat and built/welded 4 complete tanks…

Get this:

In (1) Day.

We started about 10:00, we quit about 6:30 probably.

Matt stayed down an extra hour (maybe) and finish welded his And Ground It Down Smooth too.

Dang if it wasn’t a sight to see and hear, hammering/shrinking/grinding/shrink some more, on and on until they finished.

Sal (from the last school came down from New York, and did all the shopping (on his dime, too!!) and took care of setting the house up for the guys when we were finished, plus talked while I needed breaks for drinks and bathroom.

Bo from Texas was a more quiet type that took right to the school and made the most amount of notes and finally showed us a picture of his beautiful bike he completely built, including hand tooled leather and body work that included a killer airbrushed design he done himself, and had never done any of it before!! A good hand. a good motor man, too.

Sean Lee, man what a kool dude, got it figured out, has a wonderful and profitable business with the attitude I Want Everyone to have. He can go Anywhere, begin where he is standing and make his good money, and do this anytime, anywhere. Was a natural and mechanical talented too at the school, “teachable” he says of his self, and he was. Got 2 bikes, a Vette and all the toys you want and need in your life…such is what work is for.

George Tauil, well what can we say… from Vensuala and Spanish speaking. Made him some money by winning a Fricken Gold Medal in Speed Skating and funded the complete tool and fab of custom choppers in his country, where chops are not even legal. Next, he and his family are moving to America, as his heart is here. We all enjoyed George’s company. I will have to re learn to speak in complete sentences now that George is gone, as we all talked constantly in short sentences trying to give him info so he would be equipped to cut up a bad frame he has and correct it so he can go on with his plans. Black Rose Choppers…AMD Championship Bound.

But Matt scared me the most, at first, young, won’t listen, driven, got to have it now, going to finish that tank, even if the shop was closed…

I got to know him well during the time we spent together and I know now he is just a young “me.”

So I’m inviting him back so we can do a couple of “things.”

And Get this part…

I want each and every one of These Guys back as man, I’ve found me some friends.

All because we got this sleeping thing going on at the shop/house (same thing).

Massive Good food was served
We all cooked
Mom and Dick delivered a beef stew on Wednesday night and we all just over did it that night.

Ron came by with his Amen so we could run all the electrical circuits on his bike as the Discovery bike has only (2) Wires total, so I want to thank Ron.

I’m sure I am missing a lot of details and more that could be said and typed here.

Maybe later.

Time to Do Nothing.




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