When The Man Says…

I need you to Make a Payment…

Or worse…

I need to Let You Go…

Heck, these days,

Something like this may have already happened to you.

Face to Face, Phone Calls, Letters, Emails…

However the method…

When the “word” comes in,

Or comes down…

You better have a Plan.

And be ready when it comes…


It sux.

Moves us out of “the comfort zone.”

Makes us nervous.

Makes us have to “work.”


Probably harder than we “were.”

And for probably “less”

You mean harder for less???



You Be The Man Yourself.

By Yourself.

Only You,

With that talent you are either:

Born with
Cultivated thru hard work
Developed by practice

However you Got It,

You’ve Decided…

You can walk out to your work area and turn on that “money making machine you have”


In your own shop.

So, whatever you do…

Get your talent skills honed,

Be practiced up for that day,

When you are hopefully happily forced to make your Hobby or Dream into a Full time job.

Go for it,



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