The Other Way

Monday morning, up and reaching for the door now.

Going to work these days is a hassle.

And add in “these possible facts”…

What IF you Don’t Like That Job…

or The People there,

You feel a little Dread setting in and Unhappy.

I did all that for 11 1/2 years.

I’m Very Fortunate not to have to Do Any of That now.

But, it took a Concentrated Time of Work to Organize and Pay, and Build that first shop.

It took about 2 years for my first one, and this will be about normal for you too, pretty much equipped and all.

I used to Buy/Build/Scrounge Tables and Line the Walls With Them in the early days, (No Real Equipment, back then.)

My first shop was a new Small 30×40 Commercial Metal Building with Insulation and Gutters for $5200.00.

Got er done,

No more driving to work. Yea…

The Other Way,

You could $Rent$.

You and Your Shop would be up and Running in 3 months tops,


That Overhead…It Could eat you alive.

It will definitely Cost You an employee “helper” or two.

That Would Suck Big Time,

Ya mean I could have Help too,

If I had Just Built My Shop Where I’m At?


One thing for sure, if you need to Make A Sale because You’ve Got your Rent Due at the High Traffic Mall,

You will do anything, and with your mind set under pressure…(that Rent, that Rent…)

You’re going to make that sale, and usually it’s the “price it cheap” method.

Quoting your work “cheap” is not the way to start this thing off….

There is another…

The other version of The Other Way.

Just keep driving to that Old Job and forget about it.

But I bet,

If you put your mind to it,

For 25 minutes,

You could call and see how much Roof Trusses Cost these Days.

Heck, Just think…

You could be walking out to your shop, about 30′ away, heated up and the phone already ringing.

Man, that’d be nice, Huh.


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