Grow Up Words

Here are the words I’m not supposed to say while typing this Blog:

The 8 bad words.

Not… Learn

Say: Discover

Not… Tell

Say: Reveal

Not… But

Say: However

Not… Buy

Say: Claim/Invest/Reserve

Not… If

Say: When

Not… Things

Say: Tips/Tricks/Techniques

Not… Stuff

Say: Insider Secrets or Secrets


Say: Which or This

Out of all of them…

I agree with a couple three of them…

And if I would just admit to it,

All of Them are Right to Use as a Guide…


In this Silly Politically Correct Society We Live In, it’s easy to be swayed when the loudest crowd gets the most attention.

And generally…

This Crowd wants a more equal system
where everyone is the same.

Well, Were NOT the Same.

Some want to Dream.

And Create…

I believe in “strong words” that come to a point.


I really would rather use the words, written in whatever fashion (or non-fashion as it appears here sometimes)…

To get the words to actually help you, which in turn, helps “me,”

As I really want to think and believe I’m making a difference out “there.”

So the Grow Up Words just Have to be “Said.”

Add to that, I’m not supposed to
Mention the word “Work”

What about Sacrifice?

Bet that one is a “real turn-off,” too.

This life can be very rewarding,

I just found out early:

It (whatever “it” is) just doesn’t fall out of the sky,

You have to plain ole “Work Hard and Sacrifice Some Things” to get your Dream Going.

So: The Grow “words” of the day:





Let these sink in a couple of days.

Then you’ll be a little stronger knowing a little pain along the way will come…


It will be worth it in the end.

You want to understand what it takes to get thru step 1…

As typed above.

You will come to a different set of problems after you “Make It.”

And You Will Make It, If You Commit To It.

Joyce Meyer (the Lady Preacher) says:

They Want What you Got…


They Don’t Want Where You’ve Been…

Something to Think About.


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