Get Up And DO Something

Yep that’s right,

You’ll Find Instant Happiness.

Here’s how:

The Fastest way to find Happiness and oddly enough, Contentment which is akin to Peace, is:

Just Get Up and Do Something.


Doesn’t even matter What You Do…

Just moving, being Dynamic,

This can instantly begin the process of making you get the feeling of progress.

Do this:

Go Walk Around your favorite area…

You know where “that” is,

It Could be

The Garage,


The back yard shed,

The basement,


Out where the new shop “will” be….


Stomp around, clean, arrange, sweep,
Clear out, scrap…re-arrange…

Just Do Something to it…

You Know, Just the “Act” of being “at it” puts the wheels in motion to your success.

Nose to the grindstone so to speak…

Being “about your business.”

With out even knowing it you are putting into motion “Your Dreams,”

An act of Faith,

A confirming “belief in yourself.”

An actual “thing” you just produced…


Nothing you can “see,”

But You Can Feel It…

A little stronger…

A little less worn out from the lack of progress…

A little more confident that your Dream would come…

And Sooner than you thought 15 minutes ago.

So, now you’re A bit more empowered.

You can feel it…

And a little bit less concerned that you don’t have the money to do “any of it.”

So now what…

Do this:

Call your buddy friend, or anybody
you like being around.

Have them come over,

Then Both of you Stomp around, clean, arrange, sweep, Clear out, scrap…re-arrange…

Ideas will begin flowing,

There is a saying that:

A “Thing” will make it’s appearance when it’s time,

Another way of saying it:

…What you Need Will Come…

And Just in time,


You are Putting work and effort in,

So you Can Get It.”

Whatever IT Is…


Go Do Something.

Don’t matter What…

I’m Going Out Too,

Make Me some progress.

See ya later,

Over and Out


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