New Start: Key Bill Style

You know, It Takes Junk to Build The Things we Build around here.

Anybody that gets into my shop says,

“Man, You Have A Lot of Junk.”

And every 3-4 years I bring in a great big tractor trailer sized dumpster and fill it up. Scrap it out.

I have thrown away some good stuff, too.

I Could Have Sold Most of It, too.

But, in the end, a fast scrapping is always better.

Makes you feel better to Just Get It Over With.

A New Start.

A Clean Uncluttered Shop

It’s a rare thing here.

I don’t apologize for it either.

Clutter to me is just normal, but I like to scrap it out, too.

So it’s an endless cycle here.

The smartest guy I ever knew, when you seen him,

You would think He looked like a Mad Scientist.

His house “was his shop” with Everything in the World In There…a total wreck..

And had this crazy monkey as a pet.

His name was Key Bill.

I hung around his place some as a kid, it was a kinda scary place, and that monkey “would bite you” if you didn’t watch him.

I owned a Beer Store later and delivered to him Every Week.

Same monkey except he got crazier, doing things I can’t type to the “cat.”

Bill had a table by the window and he did anything and everything on that table.

Tools, fixtures he made, gadgets, all to fix locks, appliances, most anything that was brought to him.

It looked like a 1000 “things” were always on that table.

The middle pushed out so he could work.

And he knew where every tool was on that table.

Key Bill taught me what you can do with an ordinary metal file.

“A hand mill” for steel if you want to work it that way.

That was many years ago and his impact on me and my work is still being felt today.

I can tell you, you need to find a Key Bill in your town. The repair guy, the appliance guy. The gate and wrought iron fence guy. Heck, a Plumber is a pretty good rocket science guy in his own right.

Talent: Get around it…

It will rub off on you, I promise.

Come see the new shop, too.

(only temporarily clean as per Key Bill specifications)

And get you some “metal wisdom” at some of these class sessions I am holding.



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