Building the Machines Gallery

I’m Setting aside the time to load the pictures and do a bit of write up on the motorcycles that are special to me.

They represent one-off fabrication and good clear thinking, while pushing the limits of design.


These bikes Are Quite Old Too.

From 1998 to 2005.

These machines are here as a testament to Making A Commitment


I must……absolutely, have to have them.

That means

I Absolutely Have TO Build Them,


They ain’t gonna “fall out of the sky” and into the shop, full of gas.

And so here they are.

So, you’re turn…try this out:

You know, You Don’t Have To Worry about Your Decisions really, things just have a way of working out.

And you’re either going to build That Machine of yours or you not, you’ve Probably Started On It Already.

You Don’t even have to think about the “How Am I Ever Going To”…..Part.

You know…

The stuff that makes you “Doubt.”

So, Your Job Is To Be Strong Enough To Not Listen To IT..

So, off I go for Load Time over there.


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