A Month of Amen

I just checked,

And from the first post “A New Site,”

It has been a little over a month now.


I’m amazed…

A few of you have contacted me and have told me of decisions you have made.


The Guts it takes to “choose” to do what your heart “wants,”

Instead of what ole Dad (for example) wants…

The Decisions that Will Change Your Life Forever.

“Going For It.”

How cool.

Helping to Set Dreams in Motion..

Well, I’m Honored.

And I Will Work Hard to Keep The Information Here Useful.

The decisions and choices you make in your life,

By aiming your thoughts toward What
You Really Want to Do…

Instead of Dragging you’re Old Tired Self Down to That Job You Have Now.

Man, Commitment to self…

Not selfish

If you Choose to Pour Your Life into Something You Like To Do,

Why, There is No Better “Work” for you to do.


You will probably do a Better Job at it.


You will probably finish it, see it thru to the end.

Maybe even make “your mark” in this ole world of ours.

So Congrats To All who have found this place.

I’ll do my best,

With the wisdom I have at this time in my life.

And Hopefully,

IT is Growing.

Over and Out.


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