Sunday Blog: If You Don't Spend It, God Won't Send It

I have always thought of myself as a little bitty tiny light that God could see from way up there in heaven.

I would be Especially Bright if I was stepping out in Faith.

Like Spending Money I Don’t Have.

I have built this Business on
Money I didn’t have at the time.

After many, many instances of this, I can say this to be true:

I have Never been left hanging out there in the wind after I have made a move on Faith, knowing and believing in what I’m led to do.

With a name like Amen and seeing all kinds of things happen in and around it, I take it pretty serious, That Name.

I try to design the best, build the best, and use the best parts on All the machines we have built.


Early on, I wanted a Nigel Patrick All Billet Racing Motor.

This was The Very Best of the Best being Carved out of a Solid Block of Aluminum.

I could buy (5) Harley engines for (1) of these.

This motor cost a bit over ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00).


I was determined to get one of those engines for a New Bike I was building, which I planned to call Savior.

I sent Nigel $2200.00 and told him to build my motor.

After I sent that money, In my mind I can see God Saying, “Well he stepped out, looks like I’m going to have to help him.”

The act of sending that money on Faith, made my little bitty light brighter so I got his attention.

This is just me thinking, but whatever works for you is all that matters, you hear?

Well, it was an “easy bet,” if that’s the right word.

You’d think a company named Amen, building a bike called Savior was “stacking the deck” so to speak, to not be let down….

If You Believe, then It Shall Be


For as he thinketh within himself, so is he: Proverbs 23:7

After committing to purchasing it,

It was easy after that, $2500.00 here, then there.

Pretty soon, the only thing I was fussing about was the $850.00 to ship it. (I “thought” that was High!!)

Once you commit to anything, things just work themselves out….

Call it Guts, call it Faith, whatever you call it….

You Have To Get Started.

See, that’s the trick, You Just Have to Get Started.

If you don’t spend it, He won’t send it, guaranteed.

I will wind this up by saying this.

God provides for our needs.

If I believe this, which I Do…

Then I don’t want just a “Little Need.”

I want a Donald Trump “Need.”

If God provides for our needs, then I’m Going Big…

Anyone With Me?



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