Never Think of The Big Picture

You know, if you dwell long enough in your thoughts without taking action, you will surely talk yourself into saying, “Why, There is No Way I’m going to get to (insert what ever Dream or Goal here.)

By Thinking of The Big Picture, you will for sure start A Seed of Doubt.

Where am I going to get the money??

That’s usually the first question because it takes a lot of money these days to do anything….unless….YOU DO IT YOURSELF.

After all, this Dream of Designing and Building “ought to be cheaper than having somebody Do It For Me.

There will be other questions come up that will try to cause you to stumble, doubt or worry.

Don’t listen to Any Of Them.

People can be a stumbling block too, for many reasons so watch out.

If you’re going to “make it” then try the following:

You have to understand that to get the Dream going, you have to take many, many small steps. Thinking of The Big Picture will Certainly Stop You from starting.

Do “Deals” with yourself, to get started OR to finish something.

I’ll sand that gas tank then I’ll build that bolt bin.

Sanding that Gas Tank is work that pays the bills, the bolt bin is fun, because the bin moves the assembly area into being a “New Shop Area we have never had a chance to use before now.

I know this one 1st hand, as this is the deal I did with myself tonight.

Sometimes you just have to get moving. Take it from me, just walk around the job a while, you’ll eventually kick at it or move something… Then you’ll start.

My favorite thing is to clean up my area so I can turn right around and “tear it up again” with tools, paper, tape, paint and bolts just scattered everywhere.

Once its all clean, then i’ll start…It gets me “moving.”

That’s all you have got to do…

Just Get Moving.

Make those Deals with yourself.

Believe me, I always Win when I make Deals with Myself.

Nobody beats ME, especially Not ME.

Over and Out


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