Hubless Monster: Back Home

Funny, I was just writing about the piano store and up comes the tractor trailer bringing the Hubless Monster back home.

The truck drove by, as usual not knowing “They’re Here.” (No Name Outside)

And as It was Driving By, I read something like: Piano Express or something…

And sure enough, when he got here and we open the truck,

Parked in front of all the bikes, was a New Yamaha Piano, In The Box.


Funny coincidence I guess.

Anyway, The Hubless Monster has been in Kansas City for the better part of the summer at an Art Exhibition which was held at Union Station, a very well known location and attraction there.

Now that it’s back…

I think it’s time to ride the durn thing.

It’s got its’ scars and scratches and I am really ready for it to go back to the original color:

Black and Orange, as was originally photographed for the book Art of the Chopper.

I remember riding it tho, out in public.

It has never went well.

It tends to cause near car wrecks when I get out on it.

Drivers sure forget where they are going when seeing it running down the road,

People are hitting each other on the arm, and actually reaching and Turning their buddies head to Make Them look …


I’ll keep you posted if anything exciting happens during one if these rides.

Also, has it, if you search Hubless Monster over there…

I’ll learn links soon and my rss is messed up, too…what ever that means, haha…NOT FUNNY




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