Get You a Job

You know, bike riders are everywhere..

That seems to be the case when you are part of the business.

OR IF You Have Decided to aim your talent toward starting a shop or trying to find work in the motorcycle business, starting out just “where you’re at.”

These days with a good job harder thing to find, that’s are always people (bike riders) who want to find “that guy” they could trust with their “very special personal machine.” (which is without a doubt one of the most true things I have ever said)

These guys LOVE their bikes and always want to be fiddling with them.

The most important part of any of this, is the fiddling…

This is just about as “far” as they want to “take it.”

Most don’t want to really tear it apart.

And they don’t want to do any “heavy mods” on it.

And they don’t want to do this for many reasons, mom, wife, clutter, might mess it up, might not remember how to put it back together, bought the wrong parts, stuff won’t fit, embarrassed to ASK for help, dealership sold them on the idea the warrantee would be no good, I could go on.

One thing for sure: (Another Truth)

They Want To Save Money.

Here is where YOU come in.

Find the Bike Nites, Saloons, Local rallies, Ect. Present yourself as an interested new friend and brag on his bike, just natural enthusiasm, nothing fake. He’ll ask, whats’ you riding?

It would be good if you have something Kool and a bit Custom to show him.

This bike you own and built is part of just “being in the business.” OR as I like to say, “Your Shopping Cart”

This bike “just for business” is a good excuse to the ole lady that you’re spending the house money for IT, too.

As they say, it’s kinda hard to sell out of an empty shipping cart.

You Need Something to “show them.”

So, 1st things first. Get the shopping cart built, even if you have a stock bike, IT WILL DO just fine.

It’s your attitude and professionally that will come thru, that You REALLY are a good guy Interested in His Bike.


Get out to the Bike nights. Bike rallies, Car events, Weekend racers @ the drag strip, I’m Sure you can think of other places you can go and “talk motorcycles.”

This ought to be obvious tho:

Show respect and Do Not Try to Generate Jobs while on the Dealership Property.

That ain’t right and if caught there is not much of anything they can do to you, except every time your name comes up, they can slam your name and your work quality.

After all, They Know you’re taking work from them because your Cheaper, probably better, too.

Just don’t steal their business by getting it right off their property.

Where you going to buy your parts anyway??

This is “early time” and you haven’t got your dealership status established just yet.

I hate to say this, but I got started working on Harleys by figuring it out as I went, no books, really no tools, only the dealership to get the parts from AND I NEVER TOLD THE OWNER:
“I ain’t never done that before.”

But I always got the job done, on time, at the price I said.

Look at me now…..Wow, I’m even blown away now that I’ve put some thought into IT.

Put your time in, it’s a FUN GIG.

Be Not Scared,
All answers Come after you COMMIT.



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