Doing Better but Not Stellar

I was driving by the Piano Store at the strip mall a few weeks ago…

I said to myself, “There’s Something You Don’t Have To Have,”

Then I thought of Amen, The Chopper Business here…

I bet I’m kinda in the same business as that Piano Store…

An Amen Chopper is something you Don’t have to Have…

But, I can think of 25 reasons why I DO, I Bet.


I bet that little guy or girl or the Pro musician can Tell you 25 or MORE Reasons WHY they Need a NEW Piano.

I’m from a little town, and you just don’t see the people out and about like you do in the big cities, with commerce looking like it’s going well, with all the parking lots full and such on Friday Nights

So, The piano Store May Be Just Fine.

I talk to a fair bit of people from all over tho, and

It’s Tight,

Real tight.

I know it is if you’re a true chopper guy.

Build and breathe only choppers, you better be married to some rich ole lady or have some money in the bank to play with, so you can keep your fledgling chopper business alive in these times…

Just sayin,

Best to Branch Out with Performance Mods and Bagger stuff, so you can make it…


I build or rebuild the many Amen motorcycles that were put together by owners after they bought a rolling chassis from us.

There were probably around 525 of these things built.

Full final assembled powder coated rolling chassis with only the drivetrain, plumbing, wiring and paint to finish, up and running.

This was virtually unheard of in the day, and still is.

The Norm Is like this:

You buy the parts and mock up all up, complete everything, tear it down for paint and chrome and come back and assemble for the final time later…

But we pre-fitted everything, and held the frame to .003″ in straightness…so you could “just go on” with it…

It was a lot of work “pre-building” your custom bike for the customer, But I charged a good bit of money for it.

I sure spent a good bit of it, too… Employees: up to 13 at one time…


The “Me Too, Gotta be Part of That, TV Show Watchers” are gone now or tired of the fad.

Business and Personal Downturns (had one or two, myself…) and the hardships of life sometime results in an Amen here or there get sold.

And they call me.

I rebuild, rewire, refresh or tear down but mostly I start from the frame and come back up with it.

And I can generally re-use most of the parts that were originally on it.

Custom bikes probably have a good 3 year shelf life if you are riding it.

Being custom and all, it is expected to be nice and hopefully slick.

But 3 years, maybe 4, that’s about it.

You can patch and hide, cover and blend.

But it comes finally Time to rebuild.

Well, that’s where I come in.

I tell them “It might as well come back home.”

It’s a part of my business which It never occurred to me I would be doing.

And I’m doing more paint jobs than I thought I would.

And of Course “The School”

There are ways to Make Your Money even more so in bad times if you look around…

So, I’m plugging away at it, making the Moves, going to get the decision made:

Open the Shop or Not

To the Public.

Little Town ain’t Big City…

Huh, what to do…




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