I’ve added the Assembly/Training Class description to this site.

I have been for quite some time now, concentrating on the many aspects of building these custom motorcycles and showing the people How To Do It. I’m really not interested in building you a bike, it’s just time to SHOW YOU HOW to do it, and believe me, It takes just about every talent you can muster up to build one, too.

So, start buying every book and video you can get your hands on. Come to one of these sessions, too. I guarantee you, I’ll Blow You Away with the amount of info, not sitting around and watching me either. This is a hands-on gig, with set-ups, conversions, mods done on the fly, right on the spot as needed to get the job done. Heck, we’ll probably have to rub out some paint after all the scuffs that were put on by handling them thru the school…

OR You Could PAY EVERYBODY to do the work…BUT, Imagine handing that beautiful handmade gas tank to the UPS driver and take the chance on him losing it, sending it out to a painter that WILL BE LATE AND NOT DO THE JOB THE WAY YOU WANTED IT……AND CHARGE YOU MORE THAN HE QUOTED……..NO OFFENSE TO PAINTERS, BUT I KNOW HOW YOU “ARTISTS” ARE…….so, plan on learning how top paint in the next couple of years, too….

That thought aside, There is enough on your plate already with these custom bike parts, frames and their shapes and different set-ups, wide tire, stuff, component quality, name brand vs the Taiwan stuff, wiring, both simple and complex, plumbing, brackets and such, and JUST HOW ARE YOU going to mount that gas tank without “seeing the mounts,” you know….The STUFF that sets you above the rest of the “assemblers” out there.

I’ll say this,

It Takes a Professional¬† to BE a Professional,” so if this is what is driving your thoughts, and this stuff is in your heart, then get ready, come on in…I’ll blow you away, get you ready…might as well make you some money too…beats getting a real job with the man, or at the dealership at $8.50 per hour…

Enough already




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