Updated: 2×4 or a Hamburger, Which One To Get

Well, That Line Sounds Silly…


I did finish this by telling the reason behind making it so hard and running it so tight at first.

It is true tho, we really have to constantly be thinking.

And, not about one or two subjects.

We are constantly having to juggle a very wide and broad series of subjects.

It’s all part of figuring out how to deal with “everything.”

The never-ending choices of How We Make it Thru.

Adding to it is how we put off or neglect to make the choices we really need to make.

We Learn as we go, tho.

I’m Never Scared of making Decisions, as I figure a Bad Decision can be reversed.

But, We’re always Paying. That is one constant in life.

Spending: To Not Get Back

Investing: Spending to Receive back.

Did you “catch” those last two?

Anyway, the 2×4…

Many many years ago, when you could actually buy a 2×4 board 8 foot long for a dollar bill, I actually sat in the car in the McDonalds parking lot and had a debate with myself about buying a hamburger, knowing I could get a 2×4 for the same price.

I made the decision for the 2×4.

I “reasoned to myself,” That 2×4 would last longer than that hamburger.

I wanted My Shop, my business, my own job shop I made with my 2 hands.

I wanted it done without debt as It might just sit there 6 months or longer before I get a contract.

It was important it wouldn’t “cost” anything sitting there Until I got to fire it up. That’s right, NO Bank Payment.

I’m glad I did it this way too, it set for 9 months, not 6 as I figured.

So I’m glad I made That hamburger “treat” wait.

The result: I made me some pretty Big Money.

I bought a new Corvette and built us a new house and some land by the lake where I put a new 10,000 sq ft building that became Amen.

Mainly, I wasn’t under any pressure to taking just any underpaying job or “fear pricing” a job real low so I could get it.

You Have To Keep Making Choices,

Because If you don’t,

Somebody WILL Make Them FOR You.

I would rather make My Own, come what may.

Over and Out


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