Sunday Blog: My Version of Moses Rod/Staff

I always thought “How did Moses Remember the numerous times God got Him out of Trouble when those whiny Israelites went to complaining or went against the plan that they were already embarked upon? There were many, many times when the people would come with complaints about the trip…They forgot too soon about the working as slaves part, now walking around “free.”

Then I thought of the Old West Gunslingers, you know, the “notches” they were supposed to have on their pistol grips when they had been successful in a gunfight, and didn’t die from IT…

I bet those notches they carefully and slowly whittled into that pistol grip by the light of a campfire, thinking of the days events, and them successfully sitting there,  Might have included a Little Prayer of Thanks to God for sparing his life.


All just conjecture, just me thinking, which is most times dangerous for me to do.

What has the Gunslinger got to do with Moses, or his walking cane and what is the reason for this post, you say?

I have Always Believed for some reason, That Moses had Notches on his Walking Stick.

I can somehow picture him walking along and sliding his hand up and down that stick as he walked, reminding him of the blessings and provisions, and the answers to his prayers, always “just in time” and as a witness to the people of Gods Power.

These awesome events, miracles, shade in the mid-day Sun, splitting the Red Sea Wide Open, all kind of Big Stuff, all Done in front of the People, would surely show the people, lest they forget GOD Knows The Big Picture, and Its All Ours If We Just Follow Along…

This post is here because I have laying up against my wall downstairs, (Now torn out due to the construction here at the shop) A Door Frame.

This Door Frame is one that I used to walk in and out of more than a dozen times a day leaving my home, walking into the shop, as I live in both full time…

That doorway was notched a long time ago when I received some blessing, some answer, some gift of confirmation that He is With Me in my Life AND in This Thing Called Amen.

There are many, many notches on that piece of wood, and it made me very proud and humbled each time I went to it and put a notch, AND a little 2-4 word remark…

Sometimes made just on Faith of some future event yet to unfold, or a hope “that it is true” notch…

Most notches were genuine blessings, arrived just in time, and words I could say to the guys in the office…

“See, I told you all it would come in, would happen,

or whatever IT was that was important to the running of Amen or the support of the people here…

My way of saying “I told you so…”

But, Better Than That.

Each Time A notch was Put in that door frame, It was Evidence, Confirmation, Proof, The really warm heartfelt Good Stuff that:

God Was With Me in my life and my work.

Not left hanging out there alone, OR getting beat up by whatever the world wanted to TRY TO DO to me…

Nope, Gods Really HERE.

That’s what that door frame said to me…

And everytime the people in the office would worry about some little something…

I “already Knew” because I had made A Notch a few days earlier, On Faith.

Now the door frame is not a door opening anymore and I’m going to have to do something with it. I will probably cut it into a smaller size so it will fit into my trophy case,

Kinda Sad to See IT Not Be anymore……


It’s A New Day

I’ve got A New Door,


I sincerely look forward to The New Door Frame Getting ITS First Notch soon, and the Blessings IT BRINGS.



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