The 3 Foot Deep Paint Job

I hate to say it, and IT has put me in the hospital a couple of times from getting back spasms,


I Enjoy Paint and Bodywork on Motorcycle Parts.


After all the hard work perfecting the bodywork with a water saturated curved paint stick…

Then adding all that Expensive Paint…

It Had Better Have A Clear Job, All Rubbed Out That Goes “Zing.”

And, the Best Reaction of all “would be”…

If “Slobber” appeared on the Customers Mouth when He Sees IT, all excited and everything…

I learned what a good polish job really was when I was in a trailer looking at a 1915 Davis Open Phaeton Roadster, one of the old Brass Era Cars.

The owner was talking about How Many Horses It Took To Get The Hair to fill the upholstery, all padded and pleated.

While he was talking, I didn’t even see the upholstery.

I was looking at that Slicked Out Black Lacquer Paint Job.

Saying, Wow, Wow, over and over to myself.

Waiting for him to finish,

I asked, “Can I touch it? He said “Yes,”

And the thing I most remember most was me thinking,

“Why, That feels like I have my fingers “in butter.”


That smooth…

Now these ole boys sat in Metal Folding Chains all day and rubbed and scrubbed, filed and sanded car parts all day, everyday, sitting and talking, “until they were perfect.”

Cost: 15.00/hr.

“How Do You Get It That Slick,” I said,

I HAD To Know…and I have Forgotten the Reason I even went to this place now…

He said:
We paint it 4 times,
We sand it.
We paint it 4 more times
Then we sand it.
Then we paint it 4 more times
Then we sand and polish it we until see this …

He whipped out a yard stick off the wall, right behind him and throwed it up against that paint. He then reached up and bent that yardstick…. Then looked down. …

Then he Said:

We don’t quit polishing til we see That…

He did this so fast, that it took me a minute to see, he was wanting Me to Look Down, too…


I looked down and “seen” Fricken “36” on that yard stick…Down In That Paint…

I said Woe”….like you would say to a horse… Woe.

He said: Right There is what you call A Three Foot Deep Paint Job…

And I never Forgot That…

Painting is something you learn something new each time you do it.

I went home and did my first paint job…took me 3 months…

I didn’t quit until I seen “42” on a Yellow Stanley Tape measure…

Now I know what a Deep Shine Paint Job Looks Like.

You do too, now


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